Q: What can I do to ethically support my client in pursuing the possibility of having their psychotherapy covered through insurance?

A: It’s essential that we always put our client, and their confidentiality, first. They might not be comfortable sharing the fact that they are seeking psychotherapy with anyone at work. If this is the case, they may prefer to pay out-of-pocket for privacy reasons. The client information page can be placed in your waiting room. This allows your clients to take a copy and decide on their own if they would like to find a way to open the topic with their employer.

You can download the client to employer letter to share with them to submit to their HR department, anonymously if desired.

(For more information on ethical treatment of clients, here is the link to the CRPO Code of Ethics. You can also go to the CRPO website to read the Professional Practice Standards.)

Q: My client works for an employer/organization whose mental health benefits do not include Registered Psychotherapists. Other mental health professionals are covered, but RPs are not. What should I do to help my client explore his/her options in approaching the employer regarding the inclusion of RPs?

A: On the Resources Page you will find downloadable documents to share with your client. We have created a generic information page to empower the client when he or she approaches the human resources manager. This is a service to help our clients explore the possibility of getting coverage for a service that is currently out-of-pocket. It’s important that we communicate that this is for their financial benefit, and is not a marketing effort on our behalf.

The client can also be armed with our one-page explanation of why it’s good policy to add RPs. This can be shared with their human resources department.

Q: What employers are already covering RPs?

A: We are doing our best to keep track of the visionary employers who have already embraced the advantages of including RPs in their benefit packages. When our list is fact-checked and cleared for posting, we will share the employers on our website home page. Also, we need your help to tell us which employers you know cover RPs. Click here to compete the form.

Q: Why doesn’t the CRPO lobby for us?

A: The College is a regulatory body that serves the citizens of Ontario by vetting its members for qualifications and professional competency. It is their purpose to ensure that psychotherapy is practiced by individuals who have qualifying education and expertise. As members, we must advocate for ourselves, individually and through our professional organizations.